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Fête Rouge Philanthropy Partners

Since 2007, over $775,000 has been raised for local charities through the Baton Rouge Epicurean Society's efforts.

Knock Knock Children's Museum

Girls on the run

Louisiana ProStart National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

Grester Baton Rouge Food Bank

John Folse Culinary Institute Nicholls State Univeristy

LSU Foundation

JDRF, Improving lices. Curing type 1 diabetes

Boys and Girls club of Greater Baton Rouge


The Sunshine Foundation Inc

Eat Fit

Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital


BRES Goals and Accomplishments

Goal: Raise local awareness of childhood health and nutrition issues in our community

Results to Date: Funds raised for SmartBodies, American Culinary Foundation, the LSU School of Nutrition, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Girls on the Run and Baton Rouge Food Bank Backpack Program.

Goal: To help young students in our area learn about community involvement, cultural preservation and leadership.

Results to Date: Funds raised for ProStart, 4-H The Power of Youth, Boys and Girls Club and Sunshine Foundation.

Goal: To award scholarship/endowment funds to local applicants interested in studying the Epicurean arts at local accredited colleges and institutions. Graduates will enter the local community as professionals in their field.

Results to Date: Funds raised for Nicholls State University-John Folse Culinary School.

Education/Scholarship Funds

Louisiana Restaurant Association’s Prostart Program:  Supported 18 high schools in the capital area with program essentials that include: field trips/industry interactions, competition costs, teacher training, perishables/light equipment, capital projects, and uniforms.

Baton Rouge Epicurean Society - Nichols State: Chef John Folse Culinary School - Awards scholarships annual to rising stars for the future of the culinary industry.

Baton Rouge Epicurean Scholarship Fund—LSU School of Nutrition

Childhood Health & Nutrition Programs

Girls on the Run: BRES provided 27 scholarships for young girls to participate in the 10-week program that would not have due to financial restraints.

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank: Backpack Program

Knock Knock Children’s Museum: Knock Knock’s Learning Zones (exhibits) are informal interactive learning environments which provide “teachable moments” that connect children’s every day experiences with hands-on learning through play.

Disaster Relief

Baton Rouge Epicurean Society dedicated funds to the assist the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank recovery after the historic floods of 2016.