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Chef's Area

Fête Rouge Chef's Competition

Mini assorted appetizers arranged on a wood plank
2017 Chef's Competition Winners sitting and standing on a stage for a photo
piece of fish with sesame seeds and herbs with french fries and a dish of ketchup on a plate

Competition Winners

2019 Winners

Best In Show
People's Choice Winner

2016 Winners

Best In Show

Scott Plauche, Velvet Cactus

Yuzu Marinated Ceviche: Bay Scallops, Arctic Char
Cucamelons and Summer Root Vegetables

People's Choice Winner

Cody & Sam Carroll, Hot Tails/Sac-a-lait

Frog in a Cornfield: Smoked Louisiana Bullfrog, Sweet Corn Mousse, Bell Pepper "Sriracha", Scalded Goat Milk Merengue

Seafood Category
Gold: Scott Plauche, Velvet Cactus
Silver: Tracy Nguyen, Tsunami
Bronze: Ryan Andre, City Pork 

Meat Category
Gold: Borivane Khemmanyvong, French Market
Silver: Colt Patin, Culinary Institute
Bronze: John Lundin & Dustin DiBenedetto, Bistro Byronz

Desserts Category
Gold: Don Bergeron, Bergeron's City Market
Silver: Janel Rucker, French Market Bistro
Bronze: Elizabeth McKinley, City Pork

Louisiana Lagniappe Category
Gold: Cody & Sam Carroll, Hot Tails / Sac a Lait
Silver: Chris Motto, Mansurs on the Boulevard
Bronze: Dane Barbara, Table Kitchen

2017 Winners

Best In Show

Tracy Nguyen, Tsunami

Yellowtail sashimi tacos thinly sliced yellowtail tossed in a citrus sesame soy and spicy aioli, habanero masago pico de gallo, wasabi guacamole, green onions, and micro cilantro with a crispy wonton taco shell.

People's Choice Winner

Collin Fontenot, Galatoire's Bistro
Pan-seared Scallops 

Soup Category:
Gold: Scott Varnadoe, Lava Cantina
Silver: Mary Fouchaux, MJ's Cafe
Bronze: Kade Ferache, Juban's Restaurant

Salad Category:
Gold: Jourdan Fulbright, Cocha
Silver: Chef Celeste Gill, Celeste Bistro
Bronze: Y'zell Williamson, Capitol City Grill

Seafood Category:
Gold: Tracy Nguyen, Tsunami
Silver: Collin Fontenot, Galatoire's Bistro
Bronze: Mark Reilly, Stroube's Steakhouse

Meat Category:
Gold: Caleb Meloncon, French Market Bistro
Silver: Danny Santana, Bin 77
Bronze:  Colt Patin, Louisiana Culinary Institute

Louisiana Flavor:
Gold: Chris Motto, Mansurs on the Boulevard
Silver: Jared Tees, 18 Steak
Bronze: Kelley McCann, Kalurah Street Grill

Dessert Category:
Gold: Allie Bookman, Cupcake Allie
Silver: Janel Rucker, French Market Bistro
Bronze: Kaila Kay, Kalurah Street Grill

2015 Winners

Best In Show

Chef Matthew Reed, Reed's Cakes & Catering

Jambalaya Sandwich: Chappapeela pork belly, shoulder and duck numbles stewed with double smoked Manda sausage, Abita battered peppers, and creole chutney on a fresh baked rice seed bun; served with Vidalia dijonnaise and green bean fries

People's Choice Winner

Chef Taylor Johnson, Tallulah

Oh Sweet Crustaceans! Sweet Potato and Crab Bisque with a Smoked Pecan Syrup

Seafood Category
Gold: Chef Tracy Nguyen, Tsunami Sushi
Silver: Chef Kelley McCann, Galatoire's Bistro
Bronze: Chef Celeste Gill, Chef Celeste's Louisiana Treasures

Meat Category
Gold: Chef Matthew Reed, Reed's Cakes & Catering 
Silver: Chef Leighton Carbo, Sullivan's Steakhouse 
Bronze: Chef Borivane Khemmanyvong, French Market Bistro  

Dessert Category
Gold: Chef Travis Stringer, Mansurs on the Boulevard  
Silver: Chef Allison Offner, Cupcake Allie
Bronze: Chef Kevin Ortego, Louisiana Lagniappe

Lousiaiana Lagniappe Category
Gold: Chef Jared Tees, 18 Steak 
Silver: Chef Taylor Johnson, Tallulah 
Bronze: Chef Chris Motto, Mansurs on the Boulevard

2014 Winners

Best In Show

Chef Matthew Reed, Reed's Catering

Twins Duet: Girls' Plate: Holden Strawberry Shortbread; Chambord and Mayhaw Milkshake
Boys' Plate: Guinness Vanilla Ice-Cream; House-Made Feaux Ore-eaux

People's Choice Winner

Chef Kevin Ortego, Louisiana Lagniappe

Fresh Fish en Papillotte: Jumbo Lump Crab & Shrimp Stuffing, Finished with Garlic Buerre Blanc

Seafood Category
Gold: Chef William Wells, Culinary Productions
Silver: Team Tsunami & Fred Nonato, Tsunami Sushi
Bronze: Chef Kevin Ortego, Louisiana Lagniappe

Meat Category
Gold: Chef Scott McCue, Cypress Bayou Casino
Silver: Chef David Dickensauge, Bin 77 Bistro & Wine Bar
Bronze: Chef Gino Sclafani, Ruffino's Restaurant

Dessert Category
Gold: Chef Matthew Reed, Reed's Catering
Silver: Chef Arlety Estevez, L’Auberge Hotel & Casino 
Bronze: Chef Allison Offner, Cupcake Allie

Louisiana Lagniappe Category
Gold: Chef Scott Dardenne, The Island Grill
Silver: Chef Mark Reilly, Stroube's Seafood & Steak
Bronze: Chef Leighton Carbo, Sullivan's Steakhouse